INPOS GROUP consists of 3 companies:

  • Inpos d.o.o., Celje,
  • Lesoprodukt d.o.o., Celje  and
  • Inpos d.o.o, Belgrade.

In year 2016 the companies almost achieved net sales revenues of EUR 55 million and operational  profit more than EUR 3,2 million.  EBITDA had a substantial increase of 11% over the year before. 

The above mentioned companies employ 240 workers .  Our commercial staff in wholesale and retail is highly trained in purchasing and selling products that are made by world renowned manufacturers. Our employees have a wide range of educational and work experience in cooperation  with more than  10,000 business partners, half of whom are foreign partners. The  management team is experienced, ambitious and willing to implement changes.

In 27 years we have grown  from one employee  working in  a tiny office, to a highly competitive company recognized  in Slovenia and abroad, employing a large number of  trading experts .  Our products are largely subject to indirect exports.

In recent years we built and developed four technical sales centres and four centres for cutting and shaping wood with appropriate storage facilities. The companies have almost EUR 49 million available assets  which are financed by  EUR 22 million capital .

The company property consists of 150,000 m2 of ​​land, of which  23,000 m2 is used as  business warehousing  and 28,000 m2 for retail business.  Around  10 million of  our  stocks represent more than 70,000 different products.  Our products range from metals, building materials, tools, screws, fittings, plumbing, heating, electrical products, chemicals, paint, wooden products, goods for work protection , packaging, green programme to general consumption.

June  2017

Ivan Pfajfar



INPOS, d.o.o., Celje | TEL: 03/ 428 61 00 | E: info(at)inpos.eu | ODPRTO: PO–SO: 7.00–20.00, NED. - PRAZNIKI: 7.00–13.00